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last nights humiliation

last night was incredible!

Mistresses friend was having a private party at a club in the city, i was waitressing for it again, as usual. naturally it was a sex party, so there were a lot of naked men walking around, with their washboard stomachs, huge swinging cocks, and most thinking how they could get the most pussy/ass for themselves.

i totally love those parties! *giggles*

anyway, i was serving to a crowded table, having to lean over to pass the drinks to the far side (it was a booth, i couldnt walk around) and i felt someone lifting my skirt, and laughing a little. i figured it was because Mistress doesnt allow me to wear underwear whilst waitressing in a short skirt, so i let it pass. then i feel someone feeling me up, sliding hands around towards my front, and then, more laughing at the pathetic excuse for a cockette i have.

i finish serving the drinks, almost spilling a few... and continue with my work, as i have been ordered to do, unless instructed by someone to do something with/to them.

the person orders me to kneel (it took until now to realise it was a Woman), so i kneel. She lifted her skirt, showing me her strapon already in place. people started gathering around us, wanting to watch the humiliation, and have a luagh. (i love it! *giggles* )

i was ordered to suck her, and lube my 'man' up for some action. no problems there... i love giving head, even to a rubber cock!

so there i was, on the dancefloor, surrounded by people laughing at me, and sucking a huge black rubber cock. then a Man comes up to the Woman, and says, "let her try a real cock!" then steps in, and i am now sucking the rubber cock, and a huge throbbing meat-pole at the same time. i now have some girls cat-calling at me, and egging me on, which makes me so hot, and gives me more reason to act like a whore.

then another Man comes up, and says "lets try 3 cocks!" and steps in! was going good, but a littel crowded. the Woman leaves me sucking the two cokcs, which was fine with me, and moves around behind me.

so here is me, being a total whore in the middle of the venue, sucking two cocks, and about to be impaled by a woman who is bigger than i am in the areas that count.

in one movement, she jams her rubber-dong into my ass, and i almost screamed, but was going gaa-gaa already (i love multiple cocks)

one drunk Woman wanted a photo with me, and climbed onto my back, smacking my whore ass like a horse, and pretending to ride me. the crowd was almost pissing their pants at that, but i was rock hard at it all! i could feel her wetness, and knew she was enjoying the show too.

so this went on for a while, and the Men were wanting more, and were arguing over who got to blow in my ass first. the Woman said "why not fuck her ass at the same time?" i have only ever done double-ass once before, and they were nowhere near this big! willing to try it though of course...

so, i had to stop sucking for a while, and while they worked out the best way to be, the Woman on my back decided to ride me around the room, to the laughs of all of the people present. i was totally loving it! i love being humiliated, and i cant recall ever being a pony infront of so many people before!


i was called back to the Men, and they proceeded to tear me apart with their cocks (one was 10" long and fat, the other was 11" long and even fatter! yummy!!!!) plenty of lube though, thank god!

i was in a totally other place, euphoria! it was incredible! i can only imagine what it would be like if i had a real pussy to feel it in!

it didnt take long before Mr 10" blew, and therefore lubing 11" to fuck me harder. it was so damn awesome! if you havent tried it, and you are game, i recommend it to anyone wanting to be a slut!

the crowd were cheering at us all, and throwing small change at us, and yelling out suggestions, and offering to be next, if i was in the mood. i love to feel so cheap, degraded, and a total whore! *giggles*

anyways, they pulled out, i licked them clean, and then tried to stand. my legs were numb! Mistress walked up to me, smiling, and puting a camera back into Her handbag. Her hand came out, and produced a 12" jellydong buttplug. it looked huge, but i was sure i wouldnt feel it. in it went, with other waitresses, Women, and general guests laughing at me having a Woman insert it all the way in my ass, and me smiling the whole time.

it wouldnt hold in! i was so stretched, it wanted to fall out!

Mistress had a pair of little tighty hotpants in the bag as well (planned??) so i put them on, kylie minogue style, and lost my skirt for a while. i was getting slaps on my ass, titty gropes, cockette slaps, and being pulled on to peoples laps, to bounce me on their knees, and push the dildo in deeper for the rest of the night.

oh what a night!

any questions, please put them in the comments, i will reply to all of them, guaranteed, so keep them dirty, slutty, and humiliating!

if you want to know anything else about what i do, please comment as well.

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