_zebe (_zebe) wrote in male_auction,

Newbie Slave

Hey there. Here's info about me:

Name: Eric
Location: Washington, DC
Needs: To be completely submissive to an alternatively kind and bitchy goddess. I would like to do whatever is asked of me, obviously, but am especially interested in being a service submissive, i.e., cleaning, cooking, helping you bathe, get dressed, shave, make-up, nail polish, laundry, etc. Of course, once I'm yours, you decide what I do, so this is only a suggestion.
Sexual orientation: Bisexual, but prefer a female dom.
Bidding: I will need so much training that I don't feel its fair for people to bid money for me, so I'm free!
Pics: Don't have any good ones for you at the moment, buy will try to provide on request.
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