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The Original Live Journal Male Auction Forum
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Yes, there have been many copies...but this, my friends is:

The Original Live Journal Male Auction Forum

***The only place on Live Journal where male members can put themselves up for sale***

Rules for sellers:

-you must be a male
-post a pic (nude shots especially encouraged)
-post a brief description of your self(ie. height, weight, penis size) and your starting price.
-as a seller you can chose when a satisfactory bid has been reached.
-You must then contact the winning bidder foe further details.


-you can sell your self for free
-you can barter yourself for non-monetary exchange
-you can engage in "pseudo-auction" evaluation by our community members(ie. not really sell yourself but get feedback on the quality of your item from our members)
-items must be intact...diseased, bug ridden or unclean items will be rejected.
-be a good sport damnit!

rules for bidders:

-you know what to do...have fun!

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